Report of GET-TOGETHER 2012(Alumni Meet)

We organized the Alumni Meet at JNV Katihar on 30th-31st Dec 2012. The dates of this Get-Together were declared in the month of July itself and hence the news spread far and wide. Coordinators played a vital role in contacting the alumni. There was a special spirit of enthusiasm in alumni from various batches.

Most of them were visiting their Alma Mater for the first time since their schooling, and naturally were thrilled to be back in the campus again. “Sweet sweet morning” “cold cold climate” “hot hot tea” “A little little heart beat” “Very very Good Morning”…. and  thus started the first event of the day (30th dec. 2012).

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Report of 30th Dec 2012

The day started with Yoga session which was administered by the group of Alumni. Various other interesting and fruitful events followed.

For the very first time, a Girls cricket tournament was held within a campus of JNV. The event was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The cricket series was named after Late Madan Kumar Singh sir as ‘M K Singh Cricket Tournament’. The test match was inaugurated by Assistant Commissioner, Mr A K Tiwari on 28th Dec’12. The final test match of the Girls’ Cricket was played between England (UDAYGIRI) vs. New Zealand (NILGIRI) 🙂 in the center ground of JNV Katihar. As “NILGIRI” house won the toss, it chose batting first and hence made the optimum level of score. It is noteworthy that they performed really well in batting as well as fielding. However, “UDAYGIRI” made a strong start to 2nd inning of final match and defeated “NILGIRI” by four wickets. Alumni and Student played the role of umpire in this match. Tarun, Abhilesh and Jitendra were the commentators while Niraj bhaiya and Ashutosh bhaiya were the coaches of the respective teams.

Another very interesting and exciting match was played between Alumni v/s Teachers of JNV Katihar. The Teachers’ Team won the match!

In the post lunch session, the alumni took their respective classes for Career Counselling- it was one of the major parts of GT-2012. The alumni had the opportunity to motivate the young minds in achieving their overall objectives. The base line of the counselling was to help prospective generation to understand their hidden talent in a scientific way through an interactive counselling session. An open house over the question session was organized where the JNV Alumni from diversified and sought after professions guided the current students soothingly. Such counselling programs have always been appreciated for leveraging the education and foundation of students. It promotes development of students at an intellectual, social, and moral level. Hence the Counsellor’s team received full appreciation for their effort, time, patience and contribution.

The evening was devoted to late Iqbal Sir through the wave of cultural event (Sur-Sargam). The first evening started with “The Antakshari- Full Rhythm Round”. Antakshari consisted of several rounds such as Word Round, Situation Round, Dhun Round, Rapid Fire Round, etc. However the highlight of the Antakshari was the round dedicating a song to Iqbal sir. There was full participation from both the Alumni as well as the Teachers.  The judges for the ‘Antakshri- the great challange’ were A K Trvedi Sir, Ashutosh bhaiya, Ravi bhaiya, Aditya bhaiya and Rashmi  Anand.

The event ended with a sentimental tribute to the Late “IQBAL” sir & “MADAN” sir….. It was presented by students with the song………….

चिट्ठी  कोई संदेशजाने वो कौन सा देश

जहाँ तुम चले गए

इस दिल पे लगाके ठेसजाने वो कौन सा देश

जहाँ तुम चले गए

इक आंह भरी होगीहमने  सुनी होगी

जातेजाते तुमने, आवाज़ तो दी होगी….

हर वक्त यही है ग़मउस वक्त कहाँ थे हम

कहाँ तुम चले गए

The Audience was overwhelmed by the song. Their eyes were misted by the tears. I think, I even overheard “The tears fall, they’re so easy to wipe off onto my sleeve, but how do I erase the stain from my heart?”

The discussions on MoM/Agenda shall be updated in near future by Rewa di. Feel free to drop a comment below, and keep your eyes open as we will be sharing more detailed news and updates as soon as we can.

Thank you
Tarun Kumar

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7 thoughts on “Report of GET-TOGETHER 2012(Alumni Meet)

  1. tarun kumar

    Hello everyone….
    i would like to thank to Rewa di ,Ashutosh bhaiya,Neeraj bhaiya,Ranjeet bhaiya,Rahul bhaiya, Nahid bhaiya,Sarita di, Abhilesh my younger brother and my sweet younger sister Rupam and you all.. Whoever presented over there….
    I would also thank to respected teachers, staff and my all sweet, cute younger brother n sister for your tremendous support and gathering “It could not be possible without u all.”
    I thank right from the bottom of my heart, but for you all my heart has no bottom. I have endless love, affection and respect to all.
    I also thank those, who could not attend or present over there for some rhyme and reason. Thank you for your missing and imagination: D: D

  2. Ranjeet kr Jaiswal


    • tarun kumar

      hann @ranjeet bhaiya…. bilkul i hope same 🙂

    • Sarita Singh

      hello bhaiya..
      dosto semil kar to yaade refresh ho gai.. hmlog keliye to ye achivement sekam nai…alumini meet me unlogo se bhi mulakat hoti hai jinse wajah se aaj hm hai.. aaplogo se jnv ek alag sa lagta hai…. hme khusi hai iss baat ki hme aaplog jaise bhaiya mila…
      thanks to u & jnv too..

  3. Rajeev

    Well done guys!! I can read the happiness in your post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mridula

    I enjoy seeing all of you together in photos again. Priceless Rewa. Hope you all had a great time 🙂

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